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This is a place where you enter as a just joined manager, all you have to do is select a starter wrestler from the page named 'Wrestlers' and click on a wrestler's name and view that wrestler's profile and under his profile pic click on 'ADD AS A FRIEND' which will send him a request to join you. Wait for some time until he accepts your request, you are almost done. After every WWE event your wrestler gets point and the chairman will inform you by sending messages which you may view in the tab named 'Mails'. The points are added to your profile. You can gain more points by being online for more time or there are many easy ways like uploading pictures and videos, posting in board of discussions, inviting more friends,etc. Later pro wrestlers will join you if you offer them their demanded amount(points).

How to buy a wrestler for your team?

   Go to Chairman's profile (click here) and click on 'Write Message' in the options under the profile picture and type in the following format:

Buy wrestler- xxxxxxxx (name of the wrestler)  Payment Amount: 25,000.

   Then go to that wrestler's profile and add him as a friend and under the profile pic, in the options click on 'Give away coins' and type the amount you had mentioned in the message to chairman and that wrestler will receive the coins and will soon join you.

You will be given stars on the basis of your points, if you have more stars then your ability to get legends will be unlocked. Go for it and build an army of pro wrestlers!

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